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FAQs - TRX® Workout

Everyone can benefit from Suspension Training®. Because the user can effortlessly control the resistance and level of difficulty by simply shifting the position of their body, the TRX® Suspension Trainer, is perfect for gentle rehabilitation, hardcore athletic training, and everything in between. Suspension Training® also allows for complete ranges of motion while training which allows for a more functional workout routine.

Yes, because the user has control over the amount of bodyweight resistance, control of the angle in which they place their body, and can control their stability by their foot placement (wide stance, narrow stance, single leg) which means it can very well be used for people that are not professional or performance athletes nor regularly active. Suspension Training can also be used to assist a number of movements that are too difficult for many deconditioned users.

Traditional weight training often only works one muscle at a time which is contradictory to the normal coordinated muscle effort used to complete most activities. Focusing on only one muscle at a time is more likely to lead to overuse injuries and muscular imbalances, as well as potentially limit strength and movement gains. Suspension Training® allows for the use of multiple planes of motion and works multiple muscles and joints simultaneously.

Many physical therapists are currently using the TRX to help their patients recover from various injuries. The ease of adjusting resistance, functionality of using body weight and the closed kinetic chain nature of many of the exercises make it a very powerful tool for this type of use.

At Four Graces Pilates Studio, a normal TRX session takes an hour. This will include the all-important warm-up and cool-down stretches that will help you to avoid, or recover from, injury.

Because TRX workouts can be tailored to your needs, your instructor will ask you what your objectives are, so that she can ensure that your program helps you achieve the results you want. Whether you want to gain weight, lose weight, get stronger, build stamina or recover from injury, there are TRX exercises for you.

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