Four Graces Pilates Studio


We have been discussing the 6 Pilates Principles over the past few weeks.  These set Pilates apart from other exercise modalities.  Let's continue with centering!


Finding your center is a huge part of creating a holistic Pilates practice.  In all of your Pilates exercises (and yes this includes Xtend Barre and TRX, which we consider an extension of Pilates!), movement is initiated from your center.  You can think of it as working from the inside to the outside.  In class, you want to physically work from your center, your powerhouse, the area between your lowest ribs and your pubic bone, deep in the body.  Energetically, all Pilates movements are sourced from your center. 

Challenge yourself to really become present in your next class and you will feel the warmth from your center, thereby improving your workout!