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It's the most wonderful time of the year!


As the year comes to a close and you prepare to (maybe) make your New Year's Resolution, it got me to thinking about those resolutions that we all make...then fail to keep.  So, how can we make these resolutions and actually follow through with them?  This can be a tough task.  Often, it takes a few steps to really follow through! 


Here are a few ideas that may help you on your 2014 journey!


1.  Choose wisely.  If you want to eat better, don't resolve to cut out all sugar forever.  Instead, commit to  slowing down to 2-3 desserts per week.

2.  Share your resolution with your closest friend.  This can help to hold you accountable! 

3.  Have this friend check up on you!  Weekly, give your friend an update and be honest.

4.  Don't give yourself excuses!  You chose your resolution for a reason, you know you need to make this positive change, don't allow excuses to get in your way.

5.  Love yourself!  If you fall of the wagon, love yourself enough to get back on!  You're worth it :)