Four Graces Pilates Studio

Continuing Education:Xtend Barre

This weekend, your loyal instructors are excited to welcome Christine Nowicki back to the studio for our Xtend Barre continuing education weekend!  Christine trained us last year (when we brought you Xtend Barre Stick!) and this year we're getting lots of new choreography, new use of props (like the balls and bands) and some great new cardio work.  To maintain our certifications to teach we are required to complete a certain amount of new education each year, and we always finish up feeling fresh, inspired, and very, very SORE!  Let's just say we get a really good workout over the course of two days and multiple classes!  So, Xtend Barre classes will pick back up Monday and you can look forward to lots of new challenges!  We'll miss ya!! XO