Four Graces Pilates Studio

At Home - 100s

Hi everybody!  We had an awesome Xtend Barre continuing education weekend and we are thrilled to share all we learned with you!  It was so, so inspiring to learn new material and to be amongst peers with the same goal in mind - give our clients the results they are looking for while having a good time. Hopefully you've enjoyed your classes so far this week.

 Now, on to our "at home" series.  This week we are focusing on core strength with a true Pilates classic -the 100s! 


The 100s

Lay on your back, feet planted on the floor hip-distance apart

Lift the head, neck and shoulders and arms off the floor

Pump arms up and down as you inhale/exhale.

Pull navel to spine throughout.

Pump arms a total of 100 times and lay your head down.

*Advance with your legs in table top or extended to the ceiling (you can lower/lift for even more challenge).

**Place hands behind head for neck issues.

***Remember, we are working up to a full "at home" mat workout.  Look at past blog posts to layer in other exercises.  Have fun!!!