Four Graces Pilates Studio

What's the Transversus Abdominis?

The Transversus Abdominis muscles lay beneath your "six-pack" abs.  They are super important in all exercise modalities, but are especially vital in your workouts at Four Graces.  This layer of muscle, when worked effectively, pulls your stomach muscles in, giving you a smaller waistline and flatter stomach.  These muscles are activated by creating a "vacuum."  Try rolling into a C-curve, and "vacuuming" your navel to your spine (suck in) while breathing deeply for ten seconds.  Feel that?  Those are your transversus abdominis muscles saying, "hello!"  If you are not "pulling-in" these muscles then you are likely developing abs that push outwards.  So, pull that tummy in!  You know you've heard your instructor ask you to time and time again :).  So, if you really want to created a smaller waistline, work that T.A.!