Four Graces Pilates Studio

At Home - Side Kick Series

Hey everybody!  So, how have your rear ends been feeling this month?  Have you felt the work in your Pilates, Xtend Barre, RIPPED and TRX classes?  We're excited to bring you another exercise on our "At Home" series.  The Side Kick series is pure Pilates and a wonderful way to burn you glutes and outer hips. 


Side Kick Series

Lay on one side, hips stacked, legs reaching long.

Keeping you pelvis still, lift the top leg up to hip height (or higher if your hips can stay still) and resist it down 10x.

Hold leg up and make small circles 10x, reverse direction 10x.

Bring both legs to first position and reach top leg up to ceiling (keeping turnout) 10x.

Switch sides.

*Pull abs in and up throughout.

*Keep your pelvis still, don't make movement so big that the pelvis has to shift around.

*Movement originate from your hip (femur head). Leg is reaching long, pointed toes.

Have fun!!!