Four Graces Pilates Studio

At Home - Star

Hi everyone!  Happy summer!!!  We are diving right back into our "At Home" series.  Remember, scroll down to get more great ideas for keeping yourself toned at home or as you travel this summer.  If you ever have any questions about form our well qualified instructors would be happy to help! 

Today, we will be focusing on a side plank.  In Pilates, this exercise is known as the "Star," and believe me, after doing a few of these you will feel like a SUPERstar!  This exercise is challenging and effective at blasting waist fat.  Let's get to it.



Begin seated on you right hip, knees bent and stacked in front of you.

Place your right hand on the floor beneath your shoulder, press hips off mat.

To advance, straighten your legs out one at a time, stacking your left foot over your right.

Extend your left arm to the ceiling.

Hold for 10 seconds as you breathe.

*Keep your hips lifted, engaging obliques.

*Keep shoulders rolled down away from ears.

**Try pulsing your hips to the ceiling for an extra blast!


Have fun!