Four Graces Pilates Studio

Tips for staying hydrated this summer



We've all heard it a million times...drink lots of water!  We know that water is great for flushing out unwanted toxins from the body, but a tall drink of water can do so much more for your overall well-being!  And, there's no better time to discuss this than now.  Oklahoma summers are notoriously HOT (you hadn't noticed?? :) ) and dry.  So, make sure during and after an awesome Four Graces workout, treat yourself to water...and lots of it!  Here are a few tips to keep you hydrated this summer.

1. Tired of the same old?  Grab some fresh fruit (lemon, watermelon, strawberry, you choose!) and infuse your water with some sweet and delicious flavor.

2.  Try to sip 10 ounces of water for every 20 minutes of exercise or outdoor activity to fight of the dreaded DEhydration.

3.  Dizziness, dry mouth and even mild thirst can be signs of dehydration.  So, drink even when you feel only mildly thirsty. 

Stay hydrated and enjoy the upcoming week of 4th of July Festivities!