Four Graces Pilates Studio

AT HOME - Toe Taps on the Foam Roller

Hey ya'll.  We're coming at you today with an awesome foam roller exercise for out "At Home" series.  This month, our studio focus will be on the foam roller and all of the challenging exercises as well as release work that you can do on it.  The foam roller is an INCREDIBLE prop that is easy to store in a closet or under a bed.  Foam rollers improve balance, are wonderful for your powerhouse, and are excellent stress melters (most people like them best for this final trait!).  But, if you don't have a foam roller, you can certainly do this exercise directly on you floor mat.  Have fun!

*Sit on the front end of the roller and slowly roll down.  You spine should be centered along the length of the roller.

*Begin to gently sway side to side a few times, before coming back to stillness and finding your center.  Establish a neutral spine/pelvis.

*Lift one knee at a time to table top, legs hip distance apart.

*Keeping knees bent, inhale as you begin to arc you right knee out and away from you.  Go as far as you can without OVER arching your back.  Exhale that leg back to tt.  Alternate sides.  Move SLOWLY. 

*Advance this by squeezing your legs together and moving both legs away as described earlier.

*Modify by keeping your lower back pressed down into the roller.