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Stay BOLD In The COLD With These Awesome Pilates Exercises

Baby, it's C O L D outside!  But these Pilates exercises are sure to warm you right up all winter long.  And did we mention this winter is supposed to be a long one?  We'd better get started!



Blast winter belly fat by doing a set of hundreds each day.

Lay on your back, legs extended to the ceiling.  Reach your arms long by your sides, lift your head and shoulders away from floor.  Begin pumping your arms. 

Inhale 5 quick pumps, exhaled 5 quick pumps.  Make your way to one hundred!



Yes, it's all of our favorite, right?!  This is a tough exercise, but you'll reap the rewards when you plank each day!

Place hands or fists under shoulders, extend your legs out long and hold the position.  Work your way up to one minute planks!



Bridging is a crazy-effective way to develop lifted glutes and toned hamstrings.  Just bridge.  You won't regret it!

Lay on your back with arms long to your sides, knees bent and feet flat, heels under knees. 

Roll your spine slowly off the floor, beginning with your tailbone and working your way up to you shoulders.

Pulse your seat 10 times at the top before rolling down or try single leg bridges to challenge yourself further.